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    Informe Comparativo software ECM

    You can quickly and easily compare your choice of two or more enterprise content management solutions by ordering ERP-SPAIN.COM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Comparison Report. The ECM evaluation report is based on a comprehensive list of features and functions found in of this type of software, plus vendor responses. Consequently, the report allows you conduct direct, side-by-side comparisons including functionality pertaining to:Content Authoring; Content Acquisition; Content Aggregation; Output and Content Presentation; Workflow Management; Version Control and Management; Development Tool Technical Architecture; Portal Support; Document and Records Management; Search and Indexing Management; Security Management; Digital Asset Management; Reporting and Statistics Management; Performance, Backup, and Recovery; and Product Technology. Whether you wish to evaluate ECM solutions for your company, are considering an upgrade to your existing content management system, or just want to assess your company's current ECM system to see if it still meets your requirements, an ECM software evaluation report from ERP-SPAIN.COM is indispensable for determining which solution best matches your current requirements. ... Leer más

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  • TODOS Comparativas de Software

    Informe Comparativo software Gestión Documental

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