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Plantilla RFP para software Merchandising Systems (Retail)

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Plantilla RFP para software Merchandising Systems (Retail)
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Save time while creating detailed request-for-proposal (RFP) or request-for-information (RFI) documents to send to software vendors during your selection project for a merchandising system. A Merchandising Systems RFI/RFP Template from ERP-SPAIN.COM lists all the criteria included in virtually every existing merchandising system software package. The template includes a complete list of functionality pertaining to:Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Price Management, Revenue Management, Master, POS, Reports and Inquiries, and Product Technology


Whether you plan to buy a new merchandising system for your company or just want to assess your current solution, a ERP-SPAIN.COM Merchandising Systems RFP Template can serve as a guiding document and roadmap throughout your evaluation and selection project. By gathering all the features found in this type of software into a single customizable and easily shareable Excel-based document, the template makes it simple to review and prioritize your company's requirements for a merchandising system.

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Merchandising systems are enterprise software solutions for back-office and front-office operations that most retailers depend upon to manage and support their daily tasks. Merchandising systems also typically record product performance, which allows buyers to purchase merchandise according to sales information and make accurate merchandise decisions. Moreover, most of these retail systems have capabilities for tracking inventory, capturing sales data, and managing retail prices. Retail stores of every size and in every category can use some form of merchandising system software. 
Gather Your Merchandising Systems Software Requirements—Quickly and Easily
While all stores have a few similarities, retail operations can cover a wide range of activities, and enterprise software designed for merchandising is not “one-size-fits-all.” It's important to assess what your unique requirements are so you can determine which types of functionality the merchandising system you choose must cover. The problem with performing this kind of assessment, however, is that it can be a complex and time-consuming project. 
This is where an RFP Template from ERP-SPAIN.COM really helps! It will guide you through the process of gathering your requirements accurately and thoroughly, to make sure you eventually select a merchandising system that closely matches your company's needs. Delivered as an Excel spreadsheet, ERP-SPAIN.COM Merchandising Systems RFI Template makes it easy to add, delete, and prioritize among all the functions and features of merchandising systems software. 
Get Comparable RFP Responses from Merchandising Systems Software Vendors
ERP-SPAIN.COM Merchandising Systems RFP Template was specifically developed to serve as a key working document throughout your merchandising software evaluation and selection. The template is easily shareable with colleagues and software vendors, and it helps make sure that the various vendors you contact will respond directly to your unique needs, rather than selling you on functionality that may or may not closely match your requirements. With its comprehensive coverage of all the industry-standard criteria in an easily customizable format, you can directly compare the functionality you've identified as important among the various responses you'll receive from vendors. 
Buy your Merchandising Systems RFP Template now and you'll receive it in your inbox in minutes as an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Not sure it's what you need?

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