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Oracle+NetSuite ERP Prepares Wholesale Distributors for Every Next

Por Ted Rohm

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Actualizado el 2 de mayo, 2019 - 17.29hs.

Wholesale distribution has never been an easy business and it isn’t getting any easier. NetSuite’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is built in the cloud and has been developed to support the needs of wholesale distributors for a complete suite of enterprise application systems. Wholesale distribution has always been a key vertical for NetSuite, and the vendor continues to add capabilities that are critical to helping this industry meet whatever comes next.

Even though every next is different, NetSuite’s goal is to make sure that its customers are ready for whatever might come next, be it the next order, next product, next service, next employee, next regulation, next competitor, next technology, next market, and even the next business model.

In this spotlight report, senior ERP analyst Ted Rohm reviews the NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology and set of tools for getting customers up and running, NetSuite's ever-expanding set of ERP applications, and how NetSuite will be able to leverage Oracle technologies for what's next.

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