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Oracle E-Business Suite: Modules and Features

2,594 individual features

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Are you trying to figure out if Oracle E-Business Suite is the best choice for your business? See how well this popular software package supports the full range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality in a handy, easily-read report. This capability report, set up as an Excel spreadsheet and organized by software module, outlines precisely how E-Business Suite supports 2,594 individual features and functions and highlights its strengths and weaknesses. Are the features provided natively, through a partner, in a future release, or through customization, modification, or third-party support? Now you can easily find out.

The specifics of this report would take you several months to collect on your own. You can leave the job of scouring websites and querying vendors to ERP-SPAIN.COM. Save yourself the hassle and get a detailed look at E-Business Suite's ERP functionality and its related advantages and deficiencies with the product capability report.
Comparing E-Business Suite Versus Other ERP Solutions
With the full capability report, we can examine the feature-by-feature coverage of E-Business Suite across nine domains. There are a total of 2,594 individual functions and features in those modules. Let's look at how the Oracle software compares to the average ERP software solution in each of these modules:
          1- Financials
E-Business Suite offers complete coverage of Financials features and functions. This is outstanding, since other ERP software support an average 89% of attributes for this module, and results in a noticeable advantage for E-Business Suite.
          2- Human Resources
In Human Resources, E-Business Suite covers an impressive 99% of functions and features. This gives Oracle's software a considerable upper hand over rival solutions, which support an average 73% of functions for this module. E-Business Suite is a viable option in the Human Resources module. However, it is not the best performer. The top competitor offers 100% coverage in this module.
           3- Manufacturing Management
E-Business Suite supports an impressive 99% of Manufacturing Management features and functions. Other ERP software on the market average 83% coverage in this module, meaning the Oracle software system has a noticeable lead here.
           4- Process Manufacturing Management
E-Business Suite offers 97% coverage of Process Manufacturing Management characteristics. This is quite impressive coverage that greatly surpasses its competitors, which average 68% support for this module. However, E-Business Suite is not the best performer in Process Manufacturing Management; it is surpassed by the top solution, which supports 100% of the features.
            5- Inventory Management
In this module, E-Business Suite supports 100% of the features and functions. This is superb, given that other ERP software cover on average 88% of Inventory Management features and functions, and amounts to a perceptible advantage for the Oracle software solution.
           6- Purchasing Management
E-Business Suite covers an impressive 100% of Purchasing Management functionalities. This means there is a small yet observable advantage for the Oracle software solution since its rivals cover an average 92% of functions here.
           7- Quality Management
In the Quality Management module, E-Business Suite has impressive coverage, supporting 100% of characteristics. The average support offered by other ERP software systems is 81%. This gives the Oracle software a discernible advantage in Quality Management.
           8- Sales Management
E-Business Suite supports a remarkable 99% of Sales Management functions and features. With this remarkable coverage that outpaces the average competitor (91%), the Oracle software system has a modest yet observable advantage.
           9- Product Technology
E-Business Suite covers 91% of the Product Technology attributes, which is really good given that other ERP vendors' software cover, on average, 73% of these functions. This support creates a noticeable upper hand for the Oracle software solution.
What Can We Learn by Comparing E-Business Suite vs. the Market?
What can we learn from these benchmark comparison results? E-Business Suite outperforms the market average 100% of the time, and is very likely to be shortlisted by decision makers as they work to choose the software that best fits their organization's functional, business, and technical needs. Keep in mind, however, that this analysis does not take into account the importance your business has assigned each functional area, which will have an impact on your purchasing decisions. Potential buyers should therefore be certain to perform an internal assessment and rank their decision requirements so as to discover the likely outcome of selecting E-Business Suite.
It's important to note that the capability report focuses solely on E-Business Suite's coverage of ERP features and functions. It doesn't take into account any functional, technical, or business considerations that buyers may have when selecting ERP software. Deciding factors can reflect the realities of users' requirements and the needs of stakeholders, or they can include political, financial, or emotional factors. Accordingly, the benchmark results do not reflect all the intricacies of real-world decision process. It's important not to overlook the impact of your organization's unique needs on the software selection process. 


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