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Plantilla RFP para software de Talent Adquisition

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Plantilla RFP para software de Talent Adquisition
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Actualizado el 28 de marzo, 2018 - 16.56hs.

Are you conducting a software selection project for a talent acquisition system and find you need a detailed request-for-proposal (RFP) or request-for-information (RFI) to communicate with vendors? ERP-SPAIN.COM Talent Acquisition RFP Template includes a list of all features and functions found in leading software solutions for managing talent acquisition. This comprehensive criteria lists includes functionality pertaining to:Organizational Structures and Modeling; Job Position and Wage Profiles; Requisitions, Résumé Sourcing, and Career Portal (E-Recruiting); Candidate Relationship Management; Talent Testing and Assessment; Selection, Screening, and Onboarding; Vendor Management System Portal (Staffing Agencies); Talent Acquisition Analytics and Reporting; and Product Technology

Whether you're currently shopping for talent acquisition software or just assessing your current system to see if it still satisfies the needs of your organization, a Talent Acquisition RFP Template from ERP-SPAIN.COM makes things easy. Gathering all the features of this type of software into a shareable and easy-to-customize Excel-based document makes reviewing and prioritizing your business needs a snap.
Price:  $380.00 USD
All purchases of digital products are final: We do not accept returns nor do we refund purchases of digital products.
Talent acquisition encompasses many stages, from the creation of a job posting to the time a new employee is hired and fully onboarded (from sourcing to onboarding). Talent acquisition software functionality provides the ability to attract, select, and hire the right candidates with the right skill sets, as well as the capacity to track all the information regarding their recruitment in order to facilitate the onboarding of future hires.
Gather Your Talent Acquisition Software Requirements—Quickly and Easily
This easily customizable and shareable template has been designed to gather your precise requirements for a talent acquisition software solution, build RFIs and RFPs, and even track the progress of your implementation once you've made your talent acquisition software selection. The RFI template includes an easy-to-modify and -prioritize list of features divided into functional areas to help guide you as determine which are required by and which are not relevant to your company.
Get Comparable RFP Responses from Talent Acquisition Software Vendors
Once you've reviewed the list of features and prioritized them in relation to the needs of your organization, your RFP or RFI will be ready to share with vendors. The template makes it easy to review and compare the responses you'll receive from different vendors, enabling you to identify the proposed system that best matches your needs.
In addition, ERP-SPAIN.COM designed its Talent Acquisition RFP Template to serve as your key working document and knowledge base reference throughout the entire life span of your software evaluation and selection project. This includes serving as a handy functional checklist to monitor the implementation of the talent acquisition solution you eventually decide on.

Buy your Talent Acquisition RFP Template now and it will arrive in your inbox in minutes as an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Not sure it's what you need?  


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