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Customer Experience: Oracle explica qué es y su cartera de productos (Whitepaper en inglés)

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Customer Experience: Oracle explica qué es y su cartera de productos (Whitepaper en inglés)
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Actualizado el 16 de julio, 2014 - 05.11hs.

The tide has changed. “Let the seller beware” is the new rallying cry. And with good reason. Your customers are gaining more power over your reputation and influence. With the increase in social awareness, customers have ready access to other customers’ experiences with your service, which may hold more credibility than your corporate messaging.

 According to the 2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report commissioned by RightNow (acquired by Oracle in March 2012) and conducted by Harris Interactive, 89 percent of customers stop doing business with an organization after a single bad experience. With the increased visibility of all brands, customers not only discuss their buying experiences publicly but also discuss how well they are treated after the purchase. 

 Service and support experiences are affected by how well you address customer inquiries and provide a consistent and personal experience across service channels. How you respond to these challenges can differentiate against your competition and determine whether customers continue to do business with you.
In this executive strategy brief, we will explore the role of service and support in creating great customer experiences, the service goals market leaders use related to customer experience, the Oracle approach for empowering new service experiences, and how Oracle’s service solutions can help organizations create and manage their own great customer experiences across all channels, touchpoints, and devices.

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