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Saudi Aramco Total Refinery & Petrochemical Company implementa la solución AVEVA NET de AVEVA Enterprise

La solución AVEVA NET les permitirá realizar la gestión integrada de los datos de ingeniería en un solo sistema

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Actualizado el 24 de agosto, 2012 - 09.35hs.

Nota de prensa original en inglés Dubai, UAE: AVEVA announced today that Saudi Aramco Total Refinery and Petrochemical Company (SATORP) has selected AVEVA NET from the AVEVA Enterprise portfolio to provide the core Digital Information Hub for its Engineering Document Management Solution (EDMS). The implementation, in combination with AVEVA Data and Documents, will manage all engineering information for the Jubail refinery project, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Total. A key criterion in the selection process was AVEVA NET’s capability to organise and consolidate all engineering data and documents from many different sources into a single hub. These can then be quality checked, validated and accessed across the enterprise via an intuitive web browser interface.

'AVEVA’s solution is based on an information-centric model, rather than an application-centric approach, which was a very important factor in our final decision', said Mohammad Al-Ruwaii, ICT Manager of SATORP. 'We require a common and controlled environment for all engineering data and documents from our EPC contractors as part of the handover process at the end of the Jubail refinery construction phase. The engineering data being delivered is primarily from non-AVEVA applications. Thanks to AVEVA NET’s open architecture we can access and validate information from virtually any application regardless of vendor; an invaluable capability for commissioning. Once deployed, we will continue to use the AVEVA solution for through-life operations. We look forward to the successful completion of our initial implementation and the use of the AVEVA software as part of our long-term operational strategy for this high-profile asset.'

Evgeny Fedotov, Senior Vice President, Russia, India & Middle East, AVEVA added, 'We had to demonstrate to SATORP, through a detailed Proof of Concept, that we are able to load and view data from many third-party sources. Technically and commercially, AVEVA scored the highest amongst all of the alternative solutions, making ours the obvious choice for this important project. Like many of our AVEVA Enterprise customers, SATORP will now benefit from improved project and asset performance, starting at project inception, through handover and commissioning, and throughout the lifecycle of the asset.'

Part of the AVEVA Enterprise portfolio, AVEVA NET is a suite of powerful and secure information management solutions that enable the collation, contextualisation, validation and visualisation of all project and asset data and documents, irrespective of location or source program. Information can originate from AVEVA or third-party software, from business systems, or from tailored applications implemented by AVEVA's enterprise solutions specialists. Learn more about AVEVA NET.

SATORP is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Total. SATORP is building a world-class refinery scheduled to start operation in 2013. The Jubail Refinery will produce a high proportion of white products such as diesel, gasoline, LPG, petrochemicals, and jet fuels from heavy crude. The refinery will be one of the most complex refineries in the world.

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