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Fabricante porcelana Sri Lanka usa ERP IFS

IFS solution to drive greater efficiency and transparency across Sri Lanka’s leading porcelain exporter

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Actualizado el 28 de junio, 2016 - 11.44hs.

IFS, announces that Dankotuwa Poreclain PLC, has deployed IFS Applications for mission-critical processes such as manufacturing, supply chain, finance, HR, and BI. The solution has been implemented at the company’s two main operational locations, connecting four stores across Sri Lanka.

Speaking on behalf of Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Wasaba Jayasekera stated, “It was clear that the implementation of an ERP system at Dankotuwa Porelain would help fuel the future growth of the company, and I am very happy that we have succeeded in going live with IFS Application, which encompasses all business-critical functions of the company. The effort put in by the company in managing change during this cruicial time period and the support received from IFS has made this possible. We look forward to working with the solution.

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