Different Black Friday: CHACCRA Directs All of its Sales to Support Nepal's COVID Crisis Response

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Different Black Friday: CHACCRA Directs All of its Sales to Support Nepal's COVID Crisis Response

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LONDON, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CHACCRA believes in sustainable consumerism while empowering Nepal's generation of young artisans and entrepreneurs through collaboration, exchange, and inspiration. And commercial marketing opportunities such as Black Friday will not change their values.On the contrary, this year, despite numerous challenges, the company has chosen to increase its efforts towards its social mission.

In the past month and a half alone, Nepal has doubled its total COVID cases number. Even though strict lockdown measures have been enforced after its second positive case in March, the number increased exponentially after restrictions eased in June. The country's economy is expected to be severely affected by the pandemic's impact on tourism, remittance, manufacturing, construction, and trade. The World Bank has warned that the pandemic could push about one-third of the country's population below the International Poverty Line.

For the duration of Black Friday weekend, all of CHACCRA' s sales will be directed to supporting Nepal's healthcare crisis response, providing needed PPE and medical equipment. 

In an attempt to support local economic efforts, the company will also advance with its previously announced Design and Business Training Program for young entrepreneurs in Nepal.

"With COVID, travel restrictions and safety concerns, we are now exploring different logistic solutions to continue building the program," said Sharon Shi, CHACCRA Founder 

With a permanent 5% of sales income directed to this educational project, the planned subjects for the local Nepalese are: Building a competitive business, Global market trends for crafts & designs, Design thinking & innovation, Supply chain management & sustainability, E-commerce & social media, Business finance & fundraising. 

The company is also committed to bringing more price transparency and alternative payments to support its clients during this difficult time.

This year has been different. Why wouldn't the way we treat Black Friday be different too?  Chaccra invites their community of international clients to question the philosophy around this day and join them in making a positive difference.


CHACCRA is an international team of creatives who design handcrafted rug and homeware collections inspired by Nepalese culture and spiritualism. Through the innovation of traditional crafts, CHACCRA combines ancient craftsmanship with contemporary design to create innovative pieces for mindful and energised homes. All our collections are proudly handcrafted in Nepal by local artisans and are respectfully designed to encourage balance, adventure and self-expression in modern homes.

We choose natural and recyclable fibres and localised small batch production to ensure our collections are responsible. With a production time of around three months, CHACCRA rugs are for people who are invested in each item's journey, and for those who look to experience the authenticity of adventure in Nepalese craft and design. 

We work closely with interior specialists to create unique designs that can be altered or made bespoke to suit a variety of spaces and styles and we encourage sustainable ownership of heirloom pieces that are bought to stand the test of time and changing trends. chaccra.com

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